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How to install the add-on?

First, activate the add-on for your e-shop on the Shoptet website.

Then in the e-shop administration, select Connection / Connections in the menu and click on the SMS-sluzba add-on, or go directly to the add-on by clicking on

The add-on will automatically retrieve all your registration details, so you only need to fill in your email address, mobile phone number and agree to the add-on's Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy. To make sure it's really you, we'll verify you with codes that we'll send via email and SMS.

Setting up and using the add-on

After successful authentication, make sure you have set up Order States directly in the e-shop administration (Settings -> Orders -> Order States). If you want to inform your customers automatically when an order changes, you need to have at least one order status set.

After setting Order Statuses, go back to the SMS add-on. In the top menu, select Settings and below the SMS Scenarios section.

In this section, simply set up which Order Status changes you want to send SMS when. This will notify your customers of selected order status changes.
Tip: Add details from the order to the message text using variables.

SMS are charged according to the price list below. Payment for SMS will be automatically deducted from the charged credit in your account. To avoid losing contact with your customers and to keep sending SMS, you need to have sufficient credit at all times. You can easily top up your credit at any time in the top up section. We will issue a tax receipt for each payment. You will then keep all the issued receipts handy in the Invoices section.

Receive notifications when your credit is running low, so that it does not fall below the selected threshold when you can no longer send SMS to users. Set up this alert in the Notifications section. We will send you notifications either by email or SMS. SMS notification is charged according to the price list. We recommend that you have both notification options set up.

Occasionally it happens that you need to send a unique SMS to a customer for an order. In this case, you can use the SMS add-on to send unique messages to individual order numbers. You can find an overview of all sent SMS in SMS List -> Individual SMS.

Start using SMS campaigns and support your e-shop! The SMS add-on allows you to send marketing SMS to all your customers. You can select the customers you want to send a message to by filtering by order status or period. You can find an overview of sent SMS campaigns in the SMS List -> SMS Campaigns section.

That's it!
You have gone through everything, now you can use the add-on and send useful SMS notifications to your clients.


How long can an SMS be? Can I use diacritics?
One SMS is considered to be 160 characters without diacritics, or 70 characters if you use at least 1 character with diacritics. Longer text will be split into sub-messages so that each message contains a maximum of 153 characters (or 67 characters when using diacritics). On the destination phone, the individual parts will be reassembled into the original long text.
Can I send an SMS to any number from the add-on?
No. You can only send SMS from the add-on to phone numbers that were specified by your e-shop client during the order process.
Do I need to have user consent to send SMS?
If you are sending SMS related to orders, you do not need to have any consent. However, if you want to use SMS to send marketing messages, you should have consent.
What other requirements does a marketing SMS need to have?
According to the APMS (Association of Mobile Service Providers), and also according to EU legislation, a marketing SMS should contain information that it is a commercial message. In most cases, such SMS is marked with "OS:" at the beginning. Furthermore, the SMS should identify the entity - the e-shop sending the message. At the end of the message, the recipient should have the option to unsubscribe from the marketing SMS.
Is SMS marketing suitable for my e-shop?
Yes. SMS marketing is suitable for all e-shops. It is the easiest way to instantly inform 99% of your customers about upcoming or ongoing discounts, promotions.
Can I send bulk SMS to all my customers?
Yes. In the "Send SMS > Send Campaign" section, you can send bulk messages according to order filtering and time.
Can customers reply to my SMS?
No. SMS are not sent from the add-on from phone numbers, but from the Identifier. The recipient cannot reply to an SMS sent from an Identifier.
What is an identifier/sender name?
The Identifier or Sender Name is the name that your customer will see as the sender - that is, who the SMS came from, without having to have the number stored in their contact list.
Can the sender name / identifier be the name of my e-shop?
Yes. We register the custom text identifier with operators upon your request. Registration takes approximately 15 days. The sender can have a maximum of 11 characters (allowed characters: a-z, A-Z, 1-9, period, dash, space). The service is charged with a registration fee of 300 CZK and a flat rate of 300 CZK/month. SMS can be sent from the pre-registered sender identifier "E-shop" or "Info". The use of pre-registered identifiers is free of charge.
What if I don't have enough credit in my account to pay for the identifier?
If you don't have enough credit in your account to make the monthly payment, the identifier will be blocked and SMS will be sent automatically with the "Info" identifier. The blocked identifier can be re-registered for a fee of 300 CZK.
Will my real number be shown to customers?
No. SMS from the add-on are not sent from phone numbers but from the Identifier. You can set the Identifier in the "Settings - Sender" section.
Can I tell if the customer has read the message?
In the "Reports" section you can see if the SMS has been delivered to the customer's device. We believe that 99% of customers read the messages immediately. Do you have any SMS messages on your phone that you have not read?
How much does an SMS cost?
SMS is charged according to the price list above.
Do I pay a monthly flat rate or other fees for the SMS add-on?
The price of the add-on is 100 CZK (4 €) per month (or 1 080 CZK (43 €) per year) or 1 990 CZK (79 €) for a one-time licence.
But before you decide on the add-on, you can test it for 10 days without commitment - we'll give you a 20 Kč (0.8 €) credit for testing.
I send a lot of SMS and would like to switch to billing. Is that possible?
Yes. If you send more than 5000 SMS per month, it is possible to switch your account to billing. However, you will need to sign a contract to use the SMS system. If you qualify, please email us at
What happens if I run out of credit?
If you run out of credit, you will no longer be able to send SMS. It is therefore advisable to keep your credit at a reasonable level at all times. You don't have to monitor your credit yourself - we will notify you in good time if your credit is low. It is enough to set up Notifications for running out of credit in the "Settings > Notifications" section.
Why do I see less credit than the amount I topped up?
We always display the credit without VAT, so you see 21% (VAT) less credit.
I have set up a bulk mailing, but I want to change or cancel it. How do I do this?
If you have set up an SMS campaign (bulk SMS) and want to cancel it, go to "SMS overview > SMS campaigns". In the list of mailings, find a scheduled or running mailing, click on the three dots on the right and pause the campaign. You can start the campaign again by clicking on the three dots. Please note: If it is time to send and you start a suspended SMS campaign, the messages will start sending immediately. You cannot change the set campaign. Suspend the campaign you want to change and set up a new one.
Do you have a question that is not answered here? Feel free to email us at, we will reply as soon as possible.

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